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Zotero : un modèle économique un peu à l’étroit ?


Je vous recopie tel quel le mail envoyé ce matin sur le forum zotero-dev par Avram Lyon :

Dear Zoterans,

Thinking about all the style and translator requests that hit the forums, I often wonder whether it wouldn’t be appropriate to design a bounty system to encourage more development and perhaps attract more developers who could contribute to these and other development efforts. Translator and style development are pretty much orthogonal to the core codebase development, and the core team is justifiably devoted to improving the Zotero core.

There are philosophical and other issues to deal with, of course. We wouldn’t want users to feel obligated to pay for fixes, nor should contributors feel that only paid work is worthwhile. And, of course, there are lots of important areas for improvement that may be more complex than what can be expressed in a bounty.

Still, I think that there is a pent-up demand for improvements in the styles and translators definitely, and for other features as well, and that some Zotero users are probably willing to pay for them. We can safely assume that some research groups, labs, and universities are saving thousands of dollars annually by using Zotero, and they may be more comfortable contributing to concrete enhancements than simply donating to the project in the abstract.

If bounties are implemented, I think that it would be appropriate for the Corporation for Digital Scholarship (or something) to take a cut, to support general operations and the project in general; indeed administering and maintaining the contributions of bounty-motivated developers would take some meaningful amount of staff time.

And I should say that I bring this up not because I want these bounties, but rather because I want to see more people take responsibility for the project, and more people learn to contribute to it.

Maybe this whole idea is crazy or philosophically problematic, but I’d be interested in what the community thinks of it.

Best wishes,



Si quelqu’un veut se coller la traduction pour les récalcitrants… (là, je manque un peu de temps).

Le fil de la discussion va se faire ici.

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